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Server Tech India is one of the leading service providers in India for Windows and Linux based operating systems hosting. We at Server Tech India offer the free control panel system for the business clients with the best security features for website optimization. Our panel of developers, analysts, server administrators, and quality check experts do cloud hosting services for you at the affordable cost. We as a team has completed more than thousands of cloud server hosting services for clients across the different parts of the globe.

Our panels of experts study the latest technology and use the right set of server practices during the hosting services time. If you are looking for the best services company cloud server hosting in India, then this is the time to shake hands with us.

India Cloud Server Price Plan

India Cloud Server

  • CLOUD 1 GB

    • CORE 1

    • RAM 1GB

    • HDD 50GB

    • IPv4 Data Transfer 50GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $24.60/mo
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  • CLOUD 2 GB

    • CORE 2

    • RAM 2GB

    • Storage 100GB

    • Data Transfer 100GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $46.05/mo
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  • CLOUD 3 GB

    • CORE 3

    • RAM 3GB

    • Storage 150GB

    • Data Transfer 200GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $69.18/mo
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  • CLOUD 4 GB

    • CORE 4

    • RAM 4GB

    • Storage 200GB

    • Data Transfer 400GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $93.00/mo
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  • CLOUD 8 GB

    • CORE 5

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 250GB

    • Data Transfer 800GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $123.91/mo
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  • CLOUD 12 GB

    • CORE 6

    • RAM 12GB

    • Storage 300GB

    • Data Transfer 1600GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $154.66/mo
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  • CLOUD 16 GB

    • CORE 7

    • RAM 16 GB

    • Storage 350GB

    • Data Transfer 3200GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $231.53/mo
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  • CLOUD 24GB

    • CORE 8

    • RAM 24 GB

    • Storage 400GB

    • Data Transfer 6400GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $262.28/mo
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  • CLOUD 32GB

    • CORE 9

    • RAM 32GB

    • Storage 450 GB

    • Data Transfer 12,600GB

    • NETWORK 100Mbps

    • IPv4 1
    From $308.40/mo
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The best features all at an affordable price.


We offer an SSH card storage system to boost the speed of the servers. These SSD storage devices enable business clients to get the high-performance websites all-day.


Server Tech India follows a unique strategy to safeguard the data in the cloud server. All business client data stay secure from the environmental and digital attacks here.


Server Tech India offers the resource scaling option for cloud services. We do infinite scaling based on the needs of the business websites and applications with our panel experts.


During the server upgrades, clients do not need to worry about downtime problems. All the changes and upgrades will get completed without downtime.


Hiring Server Tech India helps client’s to do the instant activation, and setup will be automated after the purchase.


We at Server Tech India give the options for the business clients to monitor and manage the memory usage, server load, configurations, rebooting options, and more with the help of the Dashboard.


Server Tech India offers flexible services for business clients to get what they need. Clients can pay and get their desired services and software whenever needed.


Any challenges or technical difficulties reported from the customer end will be immediately addressed and quick solutions will be offered within a short time.

Cloud Servers with All the Amenities


Make the potential leads and contacts access your business website with lesser loading time with the help of our cloud servers in India. The low-density environment, SSD storage systems for data storage, and premium hardware installed in the server keep business website load fast all-day. The fast loading time takes the business reach to next level.


Server Tech India offers powerful processors for the business client have to get powerful and robust servers. The computing process takes place as a separate operation in the server to maximize the Central Processing Unit and Random Access Memory resources. Websites and business applications run smoothly on the premium source effectively.


Our data centers are built with much safety and are bounded with thick concrete walls, so it is very secure for everyone who hires us for cloud hosting services. We also do 24/7 surveillance, and this makes our platform best to safeguard business-critical data. Our cloud certified engineers put the 100% effort to keep website and application data safe and secure all-day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide customized solutions and proper services at an affordable price, so small as well as big business units can hire us for the cloud hosting services to get their needs done.

With the help of our cloud hosting services, you will get the chance to Bump up your Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit in real-time. You do not need to reboot your system at any cost. For the system related tasks and management process, we have a dedicated team to work for you. We do all essential maintenance services in quick time.

As every data gets hosted in the cloud storage system, you and your office-mate will get the option to access site data from anywhere in the world.

clients do not need to copy files manually from one location to another as CRON Jobs automate the backup process. Options will be offered to set the time-frequency to let the backup of your original files stored in the system.

Currently we do not provide.

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